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About us

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT is all about passion. Passion for design*. Passion for the designer. Passion for the new and undiscovered. And now we want to share this passion with you.

It’s a web shop based in Gothenburg (Sweden) were you can purchase carefully selected products from different parts of Sweden.

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT acts as an intermediary between the customer and the designer guaranteeing the smoothness in every purchase. Deliveries are of course made worldwide.

Our ambition is to offer our customers what they always been searching for but just can’t seem to find in their local store. We also hope to offer products that you didn’t think existed.

What products are we talking about?
All kinds of products. Furniture, paintings, kitchen utensils, functional design, sometimes un-functional design, ceramics, photos and probably even some groovy music will squeeze in on the website. This eclectic mix is selected with Love. Love, yeah, give me a break… But it’s true!

We also make sure that the products are stunning, thoughtfully produced and sometimes really really quirky.

How we find the products, the designers and their stories?
Well, foremost we have a great network of both young and established designers, working in all kinds of different materials and expressions, supplying us with fabulous products. We’re also passionate about searching for new talents. This brings us out on dusty roads, to exhibitions and into many artists’ studios.

Through our dialogue with the designers we thrive to understand the true essence, and maybe even meaning, of their products and why they are made. We’ll try our best to convey these conversations so you can take part in the passion shared by the designers and us.

How do we get the products to you?
We could have stocked all the different products offered on the website in a huge warehouse, but this didn’t feel very 21st century. So instead we’ve devised a clever shopping function in which you get your purchased products directly from the designer. Simply place your order at We Love This Product and we will then ensure that the designer ships the product directly to your front door.

What else is there to say?
Not much for the moment. We hope that you’ll enjoy the products and their stories on our website. And if there is anything you want to share with us, let us know.

*We've taken the liberty of using the word "Design" and "Designer" for many of the products and artists presented on this website. We realize that this is not entirely kosher considering the fact that we present works passionately created by artists, designers as well as craftsmen/women.
However, we feel that the boundaries between the different fields are getting vague. Sometimes it may not even be important if an object is classified as good art or good design. That's the main reason for our simplification. Maybe you don't agree. Maybe you do. Regardless we hope that you'll like what you see!

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT was initiated by Region Västra Götaland ( as part of a program to develop the creative and cultural sectors in West Sweden. The development of the website has been funded by the region.

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT is fully owned by the non-profit organization We Love This Product ideell förening, WLTPIF. All surplus from sales made through the website are funnelled back into a fund controlled by the organization. The main purpose of the fund is to redistribute its means back to designers in West Sweden through various grants.

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