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Buying from us

Buying from our selection
Buying from We Love This Product is very simple. We are like any ordinary web shop with the small difference that we don’t carry stock. The designers do.

This means that once you place your order at We Love This Product, we ensure that the designer carefully package your order and ships it directly to you. In this way we can provide you with the absolutely latest designs, directly from the designers, without loosing any lead-time.

More details about placing orders, shipping and returns can be found under Terms & Conditions.


Buying from exhibitions
When buying products from the exhibitions you usually have to wait for your product until the exhibition is finished. The lengths of exhibitions may vary from a week to a couple of months. Once the exhibit is finished the products are immediately available for either pick-up at the exhibition site or will be shipped directly to your home address.

Normally you can chose whether you want to pick-up the product or if you want the product shipped. In a few circumstances, such as when the products are very fragile or difficult to ship, only the pick-up option is available.

To identify your order, when picking up your product at the exhibition venue, you need to bring a copy of your order confirmation/invoice. The pick-up and/or shipping date are always clearly shown on the webpage for all exhibition products.