Eventually it will all go to my head

By Anneè Olofsson

11 000 SEK


Year: 2009

Edition: Limited edition of maximum 200

Material: Porcelain with "cracked" glaze

Size: Height 41 cm, circumference up to 25 cm


Other info: The figurine also functions as a "piggy bank" with its open slot in the back. Note, however, that the bottom of the object is sealed which makes it a bit difficult removing inserted coins.

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Tags: useful , art objects , ceramics , figurine

Additional info:

Eventually it will go to my head

The figurine “Eventually It Will All Go To My Head”, depicting artist Anneè Olofsson in miniature, was launched at the art fair Market in Stockholm in February 2009.

The multiple is a direct copy of Anneè begging on her knees made in white crackled porcelain, about 35 cm high and has the function of a piggy bank. The edition is signed, numbered and limited to an edition of 200.

I see it as a comment on the role as an artist and that in these economically turbulent times it may be wise to save your money in an artist. Without crushing me, you can never really know whether the value of the sculpture is more or less than what's inside, and if I’m lucky perhaps the money will reach or turn my head - at least to the porcelain head.

In early autumn 2008 Annee Olofsson contacted the porcelain producer Porslinsfabriken in Lidköping to investigate the possibility of creating this porcelaine figurine. The producer accepted the challenge and formed a development team for the project.
Student Jonathan Smith has done the modelling work as part of his education at the Formakademin in Lidköping. During the project, Jonathan received artistic guidance from Kent Eriksson. Kent, who previously served as the late Carl-Harry Stålhanes closest man has also ensured the hand-made production of the 200 sculptures in Rörstrands historic factory premises in Lidköping.

Photo: Kjell B Persson