By M925 Design

2 500 SEK


Year: 2011

Edition: Limited

Material: 925 sterling silver

Size: Width 26,5 mm (at the widest point at the top), 5 mm (at the thinnest point at the bottom), height 36 mm


Other info: Ring size 17 mm (inside circumference) and weight 30,5 grams. The original gouach drawing is included when you purchase the ring. The ring could also be yours in gold... read more below.


Delivery time: Between 6-8 weeks from the time you order the lovely ring.

Note: This item is sold out.

Tags: fashion , ring , silver , wearable

Additional info:


This ring was made in the Saint Martin´s workshop on Southhampton Row, London. The model was made in jeweller´s wax, then cast. To solder the inner ring, the creator, who is used to more modern equipment than the one at Saint Martins.., had to pump in oxygen to the flame with her foot.

The very first edition of any cast piece is called “masterpiece”, and this term also became the name of this ring.

And... if you're into an even posher jewellery, the Masterpiece can be ordered in gold. Feel free to contact us for more info!