Either seem as you are or be as you seem I

By Özay Emert

18 000 SEK


Year: 2008

Edition: Unique object

Material:  Rusted iron, silver, gold leaves, beads, horn

Size: 4cm in diameter 3cm in diameter, 103cm long.


Other info: The necklace can be warn in many ways or just be regarded as a beautiful art object.

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Tags: necklace , fashion , wearable , metal

Additional info:

Either seem as you are or be as you seem I

A natural event, a childhood story, a book I read, memories and feelings I am laden with constitute the source of my pieces.

Be like the sun in affection, in compassion
Be like the night in hiding faults
Be like a river in favours, in benevolence
Be dead in anger, in nervosity
Be like earth in modesty, in honesty
Either seem as you are, or be as you seem.

-Mavlana Jalal-ad Din Rumi


Photos by Johannes Holmberg