Arty Göteborgare

By Pernilla Persson

2 100 SEK


Year: 2011

Edition: Limited edition

Material:  Recycled silver, paper

Size: Pin 19 x 0,7 x 14 mm / Prescription 129 x 180

Weight: 1,5 gr


Other info:

Dosage, use, purpose: 1 Pin to wear when you are visiting the area around second long street i Gothenburg. May contain traces of chimney caps, big glasses and at least 1 second hand attribute. 

Notice: Arty Göteborgare is seasonal and should adapt to future trends. 


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Tags: recycled , fashion , silver , pin , wearable

Additional info: 

Arty Göteborgare

The recipes were made for an exhibition I attended in 2011. A jewellery exhibition that reflected on the Swedish society. Despite the Swedish welfare, the number of depressed people in the country is very high. Subscribing anti-depressants seems to be the solution to this problem.

The collection Sweet Swedish Pill touches three categories of Swedes, with a pill as symbol. To wear the pill is to embrace the Swede one wants to be for the day.